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Vapor Blasting service available exclusively at Vagrant Cycle Vapor Blasting, Hydro Blasting or Vapor Honing is the best available process for cleaning non-ferrous cast alloy parts for restoration or in preparation for weld repair. It leaves a semi gloss finish that makes the part look as it did when originally produced by the manufacturer.

This process is above and beyond superior to any dry blasting process for restoring alloy parts. Industries that can benefit from our service are.

                                    Motorcycle Restoration


                                    Automobile Repair

                                    Automobile Restoration

                                    Hot Rod Shops




                                    Tool and Die



                                    Fire Arms

                                    Mold Injection

Just to name a few, Bead soda and dry ice blasting are inferior methods that leave an open surface, making it susceptible to finger print and carbon oil staining. Dry blasting is likely to induce dimensional changes to the part, essentially damaging the part reducing its value and rendering it unusable.

This process has been used in Europe since WW2, Developed By Rolls Royce. and has been in use in the Restoration industry ever since. so call us or stop by and we can give you a quote.