​2023 South 800 East #5

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105


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Chivato "Rat". Honda produced thousands of these small nimble motorcycles throughout  the 70's and 80's. This has been one of my favorite motorcycles to ride in a long time. It's not going to win you any race trophies, but what it lacks in power it makes up for in handling and fun. 1980 cb400t frame with a 1979 motor, got rid of the thumb start so that it is a kick only. Chopped up the rear exhaust and reworked it into a two into one. Added some of our Vagrant cycle clip-ons. Sprinkled some fairy dust on the carburetors so we could add some pods. Completly striped down and replaced bearings bushings and all other wear items, blasted with paint and powder coat. But the most challenging part of this build was that ass. Hours of work and pondering spent there. The end result is a very fun little city bike that will turn heads.                                                                      SOLD 5000